Our week in Malta

Going to Malta was great because I learned a lot of new things and it gave me the chance to improve my English. It was a great trip, and we had a lot of fun. - Chiara K. 4A

Our trip to Malta was very exciting: I enjoyed visiting Valetta and Medina and spending an afternoon at the beach. I really enjoyed the trip and I would love to go back. - Favour E. 4A

It was a good experience and I really enjoyed being somewhere else with my class and friends. - Angelina K. 4A

On our trip to Malta we visited the capital city Valetta; it was very interesting and I enjoyed the sightseeing tour. The English classes were good, our English teachers were very friendly and kind and they planned cool lessons for us. - Albion N., 4B

Our trip to Malta was great! It was very interesting to visit a new country. - Lukas V. 4B

Going to Malta was cool. The island was beautiful, but the best part of our trip was travelling with my friends and classmates. - Silva K., 4B

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